Again, Nutrade... I don't remember which batch I ordered from the company, which I liked very much for its quality, price policy and customer service quality. With content...


November 15, 2023


Fast delivery, caring customer service, quality product, affordable price. As someone with digestive sensitivities, I am glad I chose this product. I bought the strawberry one and it tastes very good.


November 11, 2023


This was the brand I used years ago without any problems. I ordered it just as I started exercising again. Same taste, same content. I found it very successful that they maintained this quality. I recommend it to everyone.

November 18, 2023


I took it as a supplement because I am a vegetarian and cannot get enough animal protein. It tastes nice and doesn't clump. I take it after working out and it keeps me full for a long time after drinking it.


October 23, 2023


My order arrived in 1 day, as always. The shipping packaging was very good, it did not surprise me at all. Coming to the product, I tried it today. I mixed it with good water. There was no clumping...


February 23, 2023