What is Taurine? What is it for?

Taurin Nedir? Ne İşe Yarar?

Taurine, an amino acid found in the body, can be produced in the body, but it is also possible to obtain taurine through foods and supplements. Taurine plays a role in energy production in cells throughout the body and also supports nervous system functions. In addition, it also protects the health of the heart and muscle tissues. If we look at the question of what taurine is found in; We can say that it is found in high amounts especially in animal foods such as chicken, milk, meat and some beverages.

Taurine supplementation is generally safe for healthy individuals, but may have side effects in some cases. When using taurine, abnormal values ​​may be observed in urine and blood tests in some cases. Therefore, a doctor or dietitian should be consulted before taking taurine supplements. Especially if you use other medications and supplements, you should make sure that taurine supplement will not interact with them and cause harmful effects.

Benefits of Taurine

  • We can briefly answer the question of what taurine is and what it does: It plays a role in energy production in the cells of the body and also supports nervous system functions. Taurine also protects the health of the heart and muscle tissues. Taurine benefits can be listed as follows:

    • Taurine supports heart health and helps strengthen the heart muscle.
    • Taurine supports nervous system functions and thus contributes to strengthening your memory and increasing your analytical intelligence.
    • Taurine supports immune system health and thus prevents infections in the body. Symptoms of taurine deficiency may also manifest themselves as immune system disorders.
    • Taurine supports muscle health and helps strengthen muscle tissues.
    • Taurine neutralizes free radicals in the body and thus protects the body from the risk of damage. So it acts as a powerful antioxidant.
    Taurine does not cause any harm on its own, but some symptoms may occur with excessive use of taurine. These appear as abnormalities in blood and urine tests.

How to Use Taurine Supplement?

Taurine is usually sold in powder or capsule form and taken that way. Taurine is generally taken daily, thus ensuring taurine accumulation in the body. The recommended dose and frequency of taurine intake may vary depending on the person's body structure and needs. However, it is generally recommended to take 500-2000 mg of taurine daily. Taurine intake can be done on an empty stomach or immediately after meals.
Athletes aim to reduce muscle pain, increase muscle performance, and prevent cardiovascular diseases by taking tauirine. Additionally, some scientific studies have shown that appropriate amounts of taurine intake helps reduce stress. Health professionals can specifically give you information about the amount of taurine your body requires and recommend a brand of taurine supplement.
When taking taurine, it is important to pay attention to the correct dose and frequency of taurine. Excessive intake of taurine may cause side effects. As a short answer to the question of what taurine is produced from, we can answer that it is formed by biochemical reactions in our body. In particular, taurine can be produced by combining sulfate and ammonia molecules. Taurine is also found in a variety of foods. Examples of foods containing taurine include animal foods such as meat, fish and milk. Taurine is also used as an additive in some energy drinks and other foods.

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