What is Tribulus? What is it for?

Tribulus Nedir? Ne İşe Yarar?

Tribulus is a taxonomic name belonging to plant species such as trees and shrubs. This herb is commonly grown in parts of Southeast Asia and Europe and sold as herbal supplements around the world. Tribulus terrestris is a type of herb believed to increase the production of the hormone testosterone. Therefore, this type of herb is often used to enhance sexual performance and for bodybuilding purposes. Besides this, some studies on tribulus terrestris benefits have shown that this herb helps improve heart health and reduce muscle pain.

Use of Tribulus Supplement

The answer to the question of how to use Tribulus can be given by taking supplements produced from the plant in different forms. Supplements are usually sold in capsule, powder or tablet form, and the recommended dosage is usually stated on the label. However, regarding the dosage and use of tribulus terrestris, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional. Tribulus prices and brands may vary depending on the sales location and manufacturer.
Athletes often use this supplement to reduce soreness after intense training and improve muscle mass gain. If we look at the question of when to take Tribulus, we can say that this herb is generally used after the first meal after training or just before going to sleep. Some people prefer to take these supplements half an hour before a meal. However, since this may vary depending on the intended use, you should follow the instructions on the back of the supplement.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestiris for Athletes

Tribulus plant has health-supporting properties with its many components and natural structure. This plant, which is also frequently used by athletes, has many benefits. It will also answer the question of what tribulus is used for. The benefits of tribulus are as follows:
● Increasing testosterone production: Tribulus terrestris helps increase athlete performance and strength level.
● Helping increase libido and sexual performance: Tribulus plant increases sexual performance and desire by increasing testosterone production, especially in men. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use this herb. Because this plant may have side effects by disrupting the hormone balance in these people.
● Regulating kidney function: Tribulus terrestris helps regulate kidney function. For this reason, this plant is used as an additional ingredient in many medicines.
● Lowering blood pressure: Tribulus terrestris has effects such as lowering blood pressure. However, if it is to be used for these effects, it is necessary to get advice from a healthcare professional.
When taking a Tribulus terrestris supplement, pay attention to the instructions on the supplement label. Generally, it is recommended to take once or twice a day. The recommended dose may vary depending on the brand and type of product. Do not exceed the recommended dosage and do not continue taking the supplement continuously.

What is Nonda Tribulus?

For the production of Nonda tribulus, the seeds, leaves and flowers of the tribulus plant are used and are often ground into powder for medicinal purposes. There is no difference between tribulus terrestris and nonda tribulus, only nonda tribulus is used as the extract of tribulus terrestris. For this reason, the answers to the question “what is tribulus used for” and “what is tribulus used for” are the same. Nonda tribulus is generally created by adding some components that increase the properties of tribulus into the supplement. Nonda tribulus is used especially to increase sexual performance, increase libido and increase testosterone levels.

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